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Assessing your needs as a carer

As a carer, you are entitled to a carer's assessment. You can have an assessment even if the person you care for refuses social care services.

A carer’s assessment is not an assessment of the care you provide, but a conversation we have with you to discuss the support you provide, the impact it has on your life and to discuss how we might help. It can be done at a time and in a place that suits you, and away from the person you’re caring for, if you prefer. 

A carer's assessment is: 

  • voluntary - you have a right to have an assessment and it can give you access to a wider range of carer’s services
  • recorded - we will give you a copy of your assessment and ask you to confirm you agree with it
  • confidential - will only be used to work out how we can help you 
  • free - during the assessment we explain what support you can get for free and what you may be asked to pay for. 

A carer's assessment is not: 

  • a judgement on how well you provide care, a way to make your caring role more official, or a way to make you do more
  • an obligation for you to accept services that you are offered 
  • shared with other organisations without your permission and knowledge
  • a financial assessment leading to Carer’s Allowance funding, but we can give information about benefits and entitlements you can apply for
  • a form you have to fill in on your own -  we can help you if you prefer. 

Request a carer's assessment

To request a carer's assessment: