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How we assess your needs

We assess your needs to find the best way for us to give you support.

How we assess your needs

A member of our team will visit you in your home, or if you’re in hospital a member of the Discharge Team will discuss the next steps for assessment with you. If you’d like to have a friend or carer with you for the assessment, that's fine too. We'll talk about:

  • what you can do for yourself at home
  • what you’re able to do with some help
  • what help you feel you need
  • how help can be provided.

If your carer needs some help providing care for you, they can have their needs assessed separately.

Deciding how we'll help

When we talk about your needs, we consider the things you are able to do for yourself or with help from people you know. We also consider the risk of harm or danger you might face and how you can be helped to live safely and independently.

To apply for an assessment of your needs, contact our Adult Social Care Contact Centre.

Who can qualify for services

Everyone has different needs that effect their lives. The Care Act tells us who is eligible for care and help and how to work out which of their care and support needs we can help with.

If you do not qualify for services, we can still help you with advice and information, including details of other organisations that might be able to help. If your needs change later, you can ask us for another assessment.

If your needs change

If we arrange services for you, we get in touch with you regularly to check that your needs are being met. If at any time you find your needs have changed, let us know.